Gratitude is Seeing the Miracle in Every Moment.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

That's My Life

My life ain't easy. My life ain't grand.
Things aren't always placed in the palm of my hand.
My life ain't perfect, My life ain't the best.
Now, let me tell you 'bout my hardest test.

I live life from day to day;
I'm always just one step away.
Never seem to find my place;
Got daily trials to face.

That's my life- Oh yeah, it's hard.
I'll keep trying- 'Cuz that's my life.

My life ain't sweet. My life ain't smooth.
Always gonna be days when I'm bound to lose.
My life ain't wonderful. My life ain't a breeze.
Now listen, and understand, please.

My life is hard. My life is tough.
But I know I'll make it through when the road is rough.
'Cuz I ain't doin it alone. Yeah, my life is guided daily;
God above watch over me
and bring me home to Thee.

That's my life- Oh yea, its hard.
I'll keep trying- 'Cuz that's my life.

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