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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Part 2- Six Ways to Make People Like You "Talk In Terms of the Other Person's Interests"

How to Interest People…

The royal road to a person's heart is to talk about the things he or she treasures most.

According to William Lyon Phelps, Essayist and Professor of Literature at Yale University,  a lady or gentleman recognizes the interest of their audience. The will talk about the things he or she knows will interest and please them. They make themselves agreeable.

Could it be too difficult to consider myself undertaking the trouble to find out just what the people I'm attempting to influence on a daily basis, are interested in, and what they enjoy talking about?

Again, this brings me to reflect on principles taught in Preach My Gospel. Though it be a handbook for missionary work and the service they render, I am a firm believer that such teachings are ever so applicable in other areas of our earthy existence.

Chapter 9 in Preach My Gospel, discusses the skills one should seek to develop of find people to teach about the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. If I want to "find people" to win over as my friends and influence for both their betterment and mine, then I would to well to consider this concept; Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach. Talk with as many people as you can each day (The more people I talk with, the more possibilities I create in winning friends to influence). It is natural to be somewhat apprehensive about talking to people, but you can pray for the faith and strength to be more bold in opening your mouth to proclaim the restored gospel (I like the idea of acting bold by reaching out to communicate with people we do not yet have an association with. Success cannot come without some sort of risk; great or small). Try applying the following ideas as you seek to talk with everyone you meet:
  • Talke to people about their families. 
  • Look for clues--such as items in homes or yards, lettering on clothing, or indications of children--to help you know how to begin talking with people.
  • Listen sincerely to what people say to you.
  • Be warm, friendly, and cheerful. Offer to help.
  • Trust the Spirit to put into you heart and mind what to teach. (Trust in your intuition that you will know what to share or discuss)
  • Invite everyone to learn about the restored gospel. (Invite everyone to converse with you)
  • Offer pass-along cards. (Offer your business card or greetings)
  • Ask for the names of people's acquaintances who might be interested in your message.
I think its important to re-cap what has already been illustrated in previous chapters in this piece of literature compiled by Dale Carnegie. That being, human beings thrive on personal gratification, recognition and stimulation. To be effective in "winning over their support; their interest in us, and in turn influencing them to our way of thinking, we must be willing to cater in part to that animal desire to feel important and valued. In the case of this chapter's teachings… talk about what they like, love and hold dear.

Principle 5: Talk in Terms of the Other Person's Interests.

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